101 Swim Tips

101 Tips for Super Swimmers….

Here they are…

1. Train regularly
2. Always carry a drink bottle filled with water
3. If training in the morning, pack your swim bag the night before
4. Eat less fat
5. Eat more fresh fruit
6. Stretch every day-even if you are having a day off
7. Practice kicking
8. Thank your coach after each training session
9. Make a friend with a younger swimmer in your club-the younger swimmers look up to you
10. Breathe every two or three strokes in butterfly at training instead of breathing on every stroke
11. Touch the wall with both hands simultaneously at the end of every fly and breast lap
12. Don’t breathe inside the flags
13. Drink fewer soft drinks
14. Carry spare parts for your goggles
15. Carry a spare set of goggles
16. Wear shoes and socks to and from every training session
17. Take responsibility to set your own alarm if going to morning training
18. Take responsibility for drying your own wet swim gear
19. Get to training early and start stretching by yourself
20. Get more sleep
21. Watch less TV
22. Streamline past the flags in all strokes
23. Learn one new skill every week
24. Ask your coach for advice every day
25. Start your homework before afternoon training
26. Thank your parents for taking you to training
27. Don’t pull on the lane ropes
28. Don’t walk on the bottom of the pool when the coach isn’t watching
29. Write your name on all your swim gear
30. Help put club and squad gear away
31. Go to club nights and treat them seriously
32. Help your club raise funds
33. Win Every Workout
34. Count your strokes without being told to
35. Shower after workouts and use conditioner for your hair
36. Turn your swim caps inside out after use and sprinkle them with baby powder to keep them in good condition
37. If you can, walk or ride your bike to training
38. Keep a log book
39. Get in the water the FIRST time the coach asks you to
40. Ask your coach for permission to lead the lane at least three times every week
41. Don’t share drink bottles
42. Have something light to eat immediately after training when your body really needs it.
43. Do sit-ups and push-ups at home by yourself every day. Start with doing 5, and then do one extra every second day.
44. Learn five motivational sayings that can help you get through tough times
45. Ask your coach to make it harder, not easier
46. Don’t ask your coach if you can use fins in fly
47. Don’t finish short of the wall-there are no gold medals for 48-metre swims
48. If you have heroes on the National Swim team, write to them and tell them
49. Set goals
50. Review goals
51. Set more goals
52. Never, ever quit
53. Learn from losing
54. Watch senior swimmers warm up at meets-learn from the best
55. Cheer for your team mates at swim meets
56. Believe in yourself
57. Do a full, legal underwater breaststroke pull EVERY lap of breaststroke in training
58. Eat more fresh vegetables
59. Say hello and smile to swimming officials. Without them, there can be no swim meets and they usually are giving up their time for nothing so that you can race.
60. Keep up to date with changes in national and world records
61. Double-check swim meet entries
62. Wear clean team gear to every swim meet
63. Get any medications checked by a doctor to make certain they don’t contain banned substances
64. If travelling long distances to a meet, carry your first two meals with you so you are less likely to resort to junk food
65. Streamline
66. Take every opportunity to swim down the middle of your lane rather than circling
67. Learn to negative split (i.e., swim the second half of a race faster than the first half)
68. Be confident
69. Ignore what other swimmers tell you in the marshalling area
70. Congratulate people who beat you
71. Take your own nutritious food to swim meets
72. Don’t smoke
73. Have an interest other than swimming
74. In the morning, wake your mom or dad and ask them if they can take you to training-don’t wait for them to wake you
75. Never challenge your coach in front of the rest of the squad (particularly in front of the younger swimmers). If you disagree with something, politely approach your coach after the session and discuss things sensibly. Challenging the coach in front of the team can only end one way-you lose!
76. Support your club captains
77. Don’t follow too closely to the swimmer in front of you in training. Allow at least a 5-second space.
78. Wear sunscreen at outdoor training sessions
79. Don’t ask mom and dad for junk food or presents every time you do a PB. Do things better because you want to.
80. Keep your head still in backstroke
81. Do kick sets with a goal. For example, kick 50 metres within 10 seconds of your best swim time, kick 40 metres in your 50 metre swim PB.
82. Learn to enjoy longer swims. Endurance work lays the foundation for great speed and increased recovery ability.
83. Swim individual medleys at meets
84. Remember your coach’s birthday!
85. Improve your turns
86. Improve your starts
87. Improve your finishes
88. Don’t look for shortcuts
89. Learn to swim slowly
90. Always warm up
91. Always swim down
92. Take your dryland training as seriously as you take your pool training
93. Learn to kick powerfully in both directions in fly
94. Do some long distance backstroke work. It teaches an early catch and good body rotation.
95. Work on weaknesses-strengths can take care of themselves
96. Target weak events (females: medley, middle distance freestyle, backstroke, metre form strokes; males: medley, backstroke, metre form strokes). Your chances of success are greater.
97. Cut back on lollies, chips, chocolate, and cookies
98. Edit your own music tapes with your favourite music to listen to before your race
99. Teach a younger swimmer in your club to do something better in their swimming
100. Clean your swimming bag out and replace any out of date, mouldy, or smelly items
101. Finish your breaststroke kick with your feet together

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