Kingston ASC Club Gala 2010

A great time was had by all on the Club Gala on Friday night.
Our first event in Castlemilk since our return last year went off well, with all swimmers involved battling for gold in the various races contested. Some exciting races were seen, with a few very close finishes!
Thanks go out to all who put in their time and efforts to make this meet such a success; from the officials, including judges and timekeepers, to the parents who helped out and the staff at Castlemilk pool for all their hard work.
Special thanks to the meet team who put the whole event together and ensured that it went off smoothly.


One Response to Kingston ASC Club Gala 2010

  1. Paul says:

    Well done guys. It was really encouraging to see so many of you pushing your selves to do the best you could do.

    It showed me allot about some of your characters and your willingness to keep working when your not winning. For a coach that’s exactly the type of people I love working with. Hopefully as the year progresses and were not racing against each other , the Kingston Song can start to take a bit more meaning! “we win the fly we win the crawl….we win them all”

    The only complaint would be my red hand from those high 5’s, the wee ones seemed to love a “runny” at my hand before they smacked it lol!

    Good job all round and hopefully you like the way myself and the coaches take the points we seen at the gala forward and the sessions we deliver as a result.