New Term Training Schedule

It’s that time of year again!

Hope everyone had a great summer and all our swimmers are ready to get back into training.
Thanks to all who were able to attend the summer sessions on Mondays. These have been very beneficial to all and of real value to the club, as well as being fun for everyone involved.

Training sessions will commence again as normal on Monday the 16th August at 6.30pm. Please remember to bring your jammers or swimsuit, cap, goggles, fins, kickboard and pullbuoy; as well as a bottle of water for the session.


One Response to New Term Training Schedule

  1. Paul says:

    Also please be try to be at LEAST 10min early for your session tonight.

    That means ready, goggles fixed and ready to swim 10 min early, not arriving at the pool ten min early.

    I want to figure out who is in what lanes and what session, there may be quite a few changes over the next few weeks as we settle into our regular season.