Behaviour at Competitions

• Kingston swimmers are expected to wear a club tee-shirt at poolside between swims. Club swimwear, i.e. swimming costume and cap, are expected to be worn for all swims.

• Whenever and wherever a Kingston swimmer wears any item of club uniform, he/she should remember that his/her actions reflect on the image of the club to all who see them. Thus, swimmers should behave in an appropriate manner reflecting the pride they have in being part of the team. Inappropriate behaviour will be dealt with in accordance with club disciplinary procedures.

• As a matter of courtesy to the officials and meet hosts, swimmers and parents are asked to stay off the poolside unless they are competing or serving in an official capacity. Swimmers should not impede the progress of officials on poolside during events.

• As a matter of courtesy, all questions swimmers or parents may have concerning meet results, an officiating call or the conduct of a meet, should be referred to the coaching staff. They, in turn, will pursue the matter through proper channels.

• As a matter of pride, swimmers should leave the poolside in a neat and clean condition at the conclusion of each session of the meet. This again is a reflection on the image of the club and affects how others perceive it and you. Ensure it is a positive one.

• Swimmers should not leave the poolside without the permission of a coach and must return promptly when directed.

• Swimmers should immediately act on the directions of coaches and should have their goggles and caps easily to hand in preparation for proceeding to the marshalling area.

• Swimmers must always compete within the rules of the sport and within the spirit of fair play of competition. Swimmers (or spectators) must never “bad mouth”, or show disdain for their teammates or competitors from other clubs, whatever the reason.

• During presentations, swimmers should always offer their congratulations to the other swimmers being presented. This is generally best accomplished by shaking hands and saying, “well done”.

• Team spirit is a key ingredient of a successful club. Swimmers should cheer their team colleagues, wear team clothing and be proud to be a Kingston swimmer. Senior swimmers are expected to serve as positive role models for all team members.

• At all times swimmers should:

SUPPORT – Teammates
RESPECT – Opponents
OBEY – Parents
THANK – Coaches
HONOUR – Officials

Thank You.

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