Equipment Tips

Having the right equipment is essential for any sport and listed below are some of the items necessary for swim training and competition. We have a selection of equipment available for sale, which can be ordered from our Equipment Secretary.

Goggles: Necessary for all swimmers to prevent irritation to eyes from chlorine in the water. There is a wide range on the market and choosing the right pair is essential.

Costumes: A well fitting costume is essential to reduce ‘Drag’ in the water and is generally made from Lycra material. Swimming shorts for boys are not suitable for training and competitive swimming.

Water Bottle: Every child should be encouraged to drink plenty of water during training and competition to avoid dehydration.

Floats (Kickboard) & Pull Buoys: We have a selection of Floats & Pull Buoys available for use on club nights. This is particularly useful for the younger swimmers, but the older swimmers in the main pool are encouraged to provide their own.

Club Bag: A large bag is essential particularly when competing away from home as lockers are not always available.

Club Tee-Shirt: There is often a lot of time between swims at competitions so a tee-shirt is essential to keep warm.

Care of Equipment:

After swimming rinse out all equipment in cold water to remove chlorine. Costumes should be rinsed (not soaked) in cold water only, with a little detergent if required, and left to drip dry. This will prevent the chlorine from attacking the material and the costume will last longer.

When we take part in competitions we pride ourselves on the conduct of each member of our team. Wearing club gear makes the team stand out, helps us with security and makes it easier for lost items to be returned.

Parents please make sure your child’s name in on their equipment, and particularly on any clothes or items which may get confused with someone else’s, i.e. club tee-shirt.

Remember! – When we look like a team, we act like a team.

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