Parents’ Responsibilities

Parents play an important role in the success of any swimmer. A parent’s role should be supportive, and this support should also extend to the club. It is therefore expected that parents should take an active role in what their child is doing. With the right kind of support and encouragement, your child will progress steadily and enjoy a rewarding experience. The following is a guide for you to work with.

• Give your child every opportunity to improve by being on time for training and attending all available sessions. Late comers interfere with the smooth running of sessions.

• Do not drop off your children to training and leave; we are not a crèche.

• Be a supporter and stabiliser through the inevitable ups and downs of victory and defeat. Remember losing a race is not necessarily a defeat if a swimmer achieves a Personal Best time.

• Encourage swimmers to take their swimming-related problems to the coaching staff. The coaches have the training, experience and perspective needed to deal with these problems.

• Be patient with your swimmer’s progress. Every athlete progresses at a different pace. Keep in mind that long-term improvement is the ultimate goal for a happy successful career.

• Leave the coaching to the coaches. Do not pressure or offer swimming advice. It is the coaches’ job to offer constructive criticism of a swimmer’s performance. It is the parents’ job to supply the support, recognition and encouragement necessary to help their swimmers feel good about themselves.

• If you have a concern about coaching, arrange a meeting and work it out. Coaches always have the best interests of the swimmer in mind and at heart. Never let a disagreement with a coach be known to the swimmer. This can destroy a positive relationship.

• Help swimmers develop good health habits with respect to pre-training and pre-race meals, general diet, rest, appropriate dress and positive attitudes.

• Please volunteer to work for and with the club. Parental support helps minimise costs.

• Stay informed. Check the website, notice boards, meet information and other handouts distributed on training nights. If you are required to give a response or make payments, please do so promptly and on time.

• All Kingston families are encouraged to participate in swim team related activities and social events. Much can be gained from socialising away from the competitive and training arena.

• During competitions, parents and family members should adopt a positive and sportsmanlike attitude, do not ‘boo’ the opposition or encourage others to do so; remain in the spectator area and support your child and the team. Never dispute results and rulings of meet officials; the coaches will take up any issues they feel are contentious.

• Understand that all coaching decisions are just that. Coaches are not perfect, but will always try to do what they feel is right and fair. Their job is to think of all the swimmers, not just one or a few.

Thank you.

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