The club training nights are on Mondays and Fridays, these nights are mandatory and the monthly payment will be based on attendance both these nights. There is an additional session for selected swimmers on Wednesdays. We will be introducing an additional pilot training session every Sunday morning from 10am to 11.30am.

We currently have the use of three pools at Castlemilk: the Main Pool (4 lanes), Boom Pool and Teaching Pool. When you start the coaches will assess which pool and session most suits your needs.

Progress is not based on age; it is based on skill, i.e. the faster you learn the techniques the further and faster you progress. So it is not unusual to have children in the same session with age differences of 3-4 years. An older child in the same class as younger children may feel out of place but it is important that this should not put them off at the start because, as they learn the techniques, they often progress faster due to their stamina. Everybody progresses at their own individual pace.

The main pool is split into 3 squads, the Bronze, Silver and Gold for details of all the squads and pools see the links below.

Gold Squad Details

Silver Squad Details

Bronze Squad Details

Boom Pool Details

Teaching Pool Details




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