Who’s Who

Club Coaches


Head Coach:
Paul Donald

Main Coach Teaching & Boom Pool:
Rebecca Boyle

Coach Coordinator:
Alan Wood

Assistant Coaches:
Norman Thomson, Paul Leyden, Lucy Wood

Boom Pool Coaches:
Nicola Thomson, Rebecca Burns

Teaching Pool Coaches:
Niamh Lamb, David Scullion

Poolside Helpers:
Abbie Moloney, Sally Nisbett, Rebecca Lamb


Office Bearers & Committee Members 2015

Chairperson: Alasdair Nisbet

Chairperson: Alasdair Nisbet

Alasdair took up the position of Chairperson on 1st February 2015 succeeding Adrian Foulds. Alasdair has 2 children swimming at the club. You can contact Alasdair via email at chair@kingstonasc.com








Vice Chairperson: Adrian Foulds

Adrian agreed to act as vice chair for the 2015-2016 season. Adrian has 1 child swimming at the club. You can contact Adrian via email at vice-chair@kingstonasc.com







Secretary & Web Admin: Frank Lamb

Frank has been secretary and web site manager for the last 3 years and has agreed to continue the role this year. Frank has 2 children swimming with Kingston. You can contact Frank via email at secretary@kingstonasc.com







Fee Co-ordinator & Parents Representative: Lynn Molinari

Fee Co-ordinator & Parents Representative: Lynn Molinari

Lynn operates the front desk at the club coordinating all the fess, meberships and gala details. Lynn is also first point of contact for any parents wishing to discuss matters regarding the club. Lynn has 1 child swimming for Kingston. Best to speak to Lynn at the front desk….







Cantekin Tuzcu

Meet Secretary; Cantekin Tuzcu

Cantekin is kingston Meet Secretary and is responsible for arranging and organising the various galas we host and attend. Cantekin has 1 child who swims with Kingston. You can contact Cantekin by email at meet.secretary@kingstonasc.com






Equipment Secretary: Kat Herd equipment@kingstonasc.com

Treasurer: Andrew Moloney treasurer@kingstonasc.com

Registration Secretary: Gillian McCarthy registrations@kingstonasc.com

Minute Secretary: Iona Reid

Child Protection Officer: Jenny Pelosi childprotection@kingstonasc.com

Swimmers’ Representative: Lucy Wood

Team Captains: Luke Pelosi, Abbie Moloney

Social Convener: Diane Burns

Ordinary Members: Norman Thomson, Alan Wood, David Scullion, Sian McLay

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